PR – Medexprim partners with Avicenna.AI to help validate their AI radiology solutions for pulmonary embolisms and enter the U.S.

Medexprim, the European leader in multimodal Real-World datasets for clinical research, is pleased to announce its partnership with Avicenna.AI. As a Real-World Data specialist, Medexprim deploys its software suite and services in an expanding network of leading European university hospitals. In compliance with GDPR, Medexprim solutions extract, aggregate, curate, enrich, and de-identify health data from […]

ChAImeleon Open Challenge: participate!

Take the opportunity of an EU-wide project to showcase your skills and expertise, and help us develop innovative AI-powered solutions for cancer management. Clinical problem In light of the growing need for new strategies to enhance cancer treatment management, we are excited to announce an open challenge aimed at addressing this critical issue. With 3.7 […]

PR – Agoria Santé welcomes Medexprim as a partner in the consortium

Medexprim, the European leader in enriched multi-omics and multicentric datasets, aggregating clinical, genomic, and medical imaging data, joins AGORiA SANTĒ, a collective of actors convinced that it is by developing common answers, multiplying and sharing data sources, that we will be able to progress in the use of health data for research purposes.  With this […]

PR – Medexprim winner of the call for interest “Data, AI and Health care pathways” of the Strategic Committee of the Health Industries and Technologies (CSF-ITS)

A European leader in the secure extraction of imaging and clinical data to accelerate medical research, Medexprim is one of the companies selected among the 5 winning consortia of the call for interest “Data, AI and health pathways” of the Strategic Committee of the health industries and technologies (CSF-ITS). This call for interest aims to […]

PR – Launch of EUCAIM: Medexprim participates in the European Commission’s federated infrastructure for cancer images data in Europe

A European leader in the secure extraction of imaging and clinical data to accelerate medical research, Medexprim joins the European Commission’s European Federation for Cancer Images project. EUCAIM, a trailblazing federated infrastructure deployment project, aims to create an easy access to cancer images for clinicians, researchers, and innovators to streamline cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care. […]

Launch of the European Cancer Imaging Initiative

The European Cancer Imaging Initiative aims to advance innovation and deployment of digital technologies in cancer treatment and care, to achieve more precise and faster clinical decision-making, diagnostics and treatments. The European Cancer Imaging Initiative is one of the flagships of the EBCP, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, which endeavors to make the most of the potential of […]

PR – Medexprim joins the first class of PariSanté Campus

Medexprim has joined the first class of the scientific interest group PariSanté Campus, composed of 60 startups representing the best of digital health in France, to stimulate the exploitation of health data for research, innovation, and care. PariSanté Campus is part of the government’s overall strategy “to strengthen the resources dedicated to research and innovation […]

PR- Ever Fortune.AI and Medexprim join forces to optimize clinical insights for research

Ever Fortune.AI and Medexprim announce their strategic partnership dedicated to improving healthcare analytics and medical AI development. Ever Fortune.AI, a leading Taiwanese healthcare company, provides AI-powered solutions to hospitals, clinical research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. It is an expert in bringing data-driven analytics to healthcare and provides seamless integration into existing clinical workflow. The tools […]

PR – Partnership with the College of Teachers in Radiology of France (CERF): Creation of a platform for structuring clinical research activities in radiology

French version available here The College of Radiology Teachers of France (CERF) and Medexprim are proud to announce their three-year partnership to develop a tailor-made platform that will enable the CERF to structure the clinical research activity of the French radiology sector. It follows a first successful collaboration between the two structures, in the framework […]

PR – Healcloud and Medexprim join forces to optimize patient identification for research

Paris, France, June 21st, 2021 Healcloud and Medexprim announce their strategic partnership dedicated to the analysis of clinical data for patient identification. Medexprim, the European expert in generating regulatory-grade datasets of aggregated images and clinical data, builds bridges between hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate clinical research, and to pioneer new ways to design and execute clinical […]

PR- Clinerion and Medexprim join forces to combine clinical and imaging data for research

Clinerion and Medexprim have concluded a three-year partnership dedicated to the merger of electronic health records and imaging data into a private clinical data cloud warehouse dedicated to research. Clinerion is the worldwide leader in medical data informatics, radically improving efficiency in patient search and identification, increasing effectiveness in clinical research and accelerating the process […]

Press release – Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital Center – SurgAR – Medexprim partnership: Augmented reality for laparoscopic surgery

Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, SurgAR and Medexprim, are proud to announce their three-year strategic partnership to accelerate the development of SurgAR’s augmented reality software, dedicated to laparoscopic surgery (Read French Press Release here). The University Hospital Center (CHU) of Clermont-Ferrand, an establishment, which has been ranked in the top 20 French hospitals for 9 years, offers […]

Medexprim engaged in the EU CHAIMELEON project

Medexprim is very proud to start its new collaboration in the H2020 EU CHAIMELEON project. CHAIMELEON aims to set up a structured repository for health imaging data to be openly reused in AI experimentation for cancer management. By 2024, an EU-wide repository will be built as a distributed infrastructure in full compliance with legal and […]