We accelerate
personalized medicine


One patient,
one disease,
one treatment

A French startup born within a leading University Hospital, Medexprim provides software and business intelligence processes to enable collaboration between hospitals and pharmaceutical & Medtech companies.

With a core expertise on imaging, we combine imaging data, clinical data, biology & genomics, to deliver high-quality regulatory-grade multimodal datasets for research.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are invested in clinical research yearly. Only 5% of clinical trials are successful.
Medexprim dramatically reduces the associated time, cost, and risks by digitalizing medical data collection and maximizing its potential for research.

Romain Cazavan


We pioneer new ways
to design and execute clinical trials

We help clinicians, researchers, and innovators to discover and optimize diagnostics, prognostics and treatments for unmet medical needs and better care starting with:




Rare diseases


Advancing clinical research takes a village

That’s why we advocate a partnership approach, working closely with clinicians, researchers and innovators, as well as academic and industrial stakeholders.

Our commitments encompass on-time delivery, unwavering quality, strict compliance, state-of-the-art solutions, and continuous optimization. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations and driving innovation in clinical research.


We foster
collaborative partnerships

Medexprim cultivates a network of strategic partners, harnessing collective intelligence to better serve our shared purpose in advancing precision medicine.


A shared governance, fueled by a
collaborative spirit

Our international team includes software engineers, data scientists, biostatisticians, radiologists, product owners, platform architects, DPOs and other experts.
60% of them are women.

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Engineering and Platform/Factory

Crafting tailored innovative solutions to meet specific user needs with state-of-the-art technology

R&D and Data Science

Driving cutting-edge research and data-driven insights and applications

Business, partnerships and innovative projects

Creating collaborative opportunities at the forefront of clinical research

Legal & DPO

Upholding compliance standards, protecting patient privacy, and safeguarding data security & sovereignty

Customer Success/Support

Providing exceptional support and success to our valued community

HR & Administration

Efficiently managing our team and resources for smooth operations

Marketing, communications and media

Promoting our vision and impact in the healthcare innovation ecosystem

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